Saturday, September 11, 2010

The joys of Snark

Well I got this idea from a couple of great blogs I follow, and passing some snarky emails back n forth w some friends... much is left off of both lists, but snarky is as snarky does.. haha

Things I am good at:

verbal vomit
yelling (as per Windy)
making lists
being constipated
wipping out a boob (or 2)
binge eating
holding grudges
death glares
walking around in public w a b*tch face
avoiding ppl
hating ppl
coming up w new ways to kill ppl in my mind
decorating in my head
washing laundry
changing diapers
embarrassing my children
loving the sun/summer
telling the truth
driving like a one eyed maniac w teen kids friends in the car (so they dont ask me 4 rides)
despite the above, trying my best as a mom & loving my children w all my heart & soul

Things I suck at:

anything athletic
baking anything but brownies & muffins
ice skating
natural childbirth
putting away the laundry
being quiet
dieting/healthy eating
trusting ppl
not getting road rage
having good/nice hair days
liking ppl
decorating in real life
tolerating cold/winter
tolerating pain
tolerating drama
tolerating selfish ppl
tolerating narcissistic ppl
tolerating ppl who always have to "one up u"  as in; u did it, they did it better. u got it, they got it more. u had it bad, they had it worse. u know something, they know something more...
taking care of myself
not breaking my glasses
standing up for myself
eating liver
card games
time management
money management
remembering names
not gagging when I see men with long fingernails
giving up on ppl I love

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